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Welcome to CMR International, the pharmaceutical industry's partner in global performance metrics, trends and analysis.

For close to 16 years, CMR International has worked with the leading global pharmaceutical and biotech companies to assess R&D productivity and provide insights that are used to strengthen the planning and effectiveness of R&D.

Gain the most accurate, trustworthy performance benchmarks and industry information. Use this intelligence to make critical decisions on how to:

  • Stay competitive and compare their overall R&D performance to their peers
  • Optimize their R&D portfolio and strategy based on our therapeutic-area specific project durations and success rates information
  • Create realistic targets for R&D projects that will motivate and challenge their organization
  • Refine clinical trials and patient enrollment strategies based on unique country and site intelligence provided by participants in CMR International's annual programs and shorter benchmarking surveys

Our experience, independence and integrity in combination with our dedication to providing the highest quality information, insights and opinions makes us the first port of call for the world's leading pharmaceutical innovators.

Expanding on these capabilities, Thomson Reuters Life Sciences Consulting looks into specific business questions and provides R&D productivity consulting expertise to the biopharmaceutical industry, industry associations and academic institutions. Visit the Thomson Reuters Life Sciences Consulting site to learn more about our team and how we can work with you on your specific business questions and opportunities.