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Full Description: CMR Factbook 2016
Pharma innovation in 2016: Staying ahead in the pharma market

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Quickly see who’s innovating in what space across pharma with the 
CMR International 2016 Pharmaceutical R&D Factbook, the definitive up-to-date business planning tool for decision makers in R&D, corporate finance, business strategy, marketing, clinical operations or corporate communications.

When planning for the years ahead, you want to know:

  • How much is the industry predicted to spend on R&D over the next three years?
  • How much annual revenue is the industry reinvesting into R&D?
  • Which therapeutic areas have seen positive growth in pipeline volume over recent years?
  • Which therapeutic area is absorbing the majority of investment?
  • How is patient recruitment shifting across the industry?

The CMR International Pharmaceutical R&D Factbook can provide you with answers to these questions, and much more.

CMR International, a Thomson Reuters business, has gathered authoritative, robust industry metrics for every stage of pharmaceutical development.

We turn this data into insightful, actionable knowledge. Metrics collected through CMR International can be incorporated into plans that steer strategy for individual companies and the industry as a whole.

How the 2016 CMR International Pharma R&D Factbook Can Help Your R&D Programs:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of industry dynamics and trends
  • Determine how your organization performs against the market as a whole
  • Gauge your productivity relative to your competitors
  • Recognize the key difference between individual therapeutic areas
  • Appreciate the consequences of adopting different R&D strategies
  • Set internal performance targets that will motivate and challenge your businesses

Fully Interactive Charts and Data:

  • Available as a “rich-data” Microsoft® PowerPoint® file, the slides present our results in a clear, easily understood format, perfect for presentation. Each slide is accompanied by a succinct explanation of the methodology used and the definitions applied.
  • Includes over 75 robust charts, tables, and graphs which are exportable to other applications. Simply copy/paste the graphics or slides into your own presentation.
  • Each interactive chart or graph enables you to drill down to the underlying data with the click of a mouse, and analyze the figures behind the trend. 

Unlimited User Access:

  • The rich-data enterprise PowerPoint is accessible to unlimited users within your organization.
  •  The file may be installed on a company network/intranet or distributed openly to any employee in your organization.

How to Order:

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View Executive Summary for 2016 Factbook